Proven Strategies from Successful Industry Professionals


  • Step-by-Step Method for all experience level
  •  Identify the Right Job Target 
  • Resume + LinkedIn that generates multiple Interviews.
  • Effective Job Search Strategy that produces Predictable Results
  • Level up your Interview Skills to pass your next job interview.
  • Professional Mock Interviews
  • Eliminate Fear & UncertaintyStart building Confidence
  • Live Coaching Calls

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Master The 4 Essential Skills

That Bring You Job Offers

Resume & LinkedIn

How to build a Resume & LinkedIn Profile that generate Interviews consistently

Job Search Strategy

Pick the Right Job target, Track your Progress, Make Changes quickly to improve Response from HR 

Interview Skills

Communicate with influence and persuasion to differentiate yourself from the crowd and win multiple job offers

Self Confidence

Build up ultimate Self-Confidence to reach your full potential and level up your career

*Plus Much More in This Intensive Training*

Our clients have successfully received job offers from:

Foreign Work Experience?

Tracy had a few years work experience in Vietnam. With little work experience in Canada, she found it very challenging to get a job. We worked extremely hard and she ended up with the Fund Accountant position at CITCO Group. Let's see what she thinks about our program:


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Fresh Graduate with No Experience?

With a Master-degree and no work experience, Cyndi found it extremely hard to get an entry-level job with a bank. We upgraded her soft skills to master her ability to present herself in best possible light. She got hired by Street Capital Bank as a Client Administrator. She is now building her finance career step by step.


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"My training manager (Thanh Quach) is really helpful and knowledgeable. Not only was he able to quickly find and get me an interview at a well-known firm, the training he provided helped me a lot with my interview skills. Thanks to his help, I was able to get the position. Upon getting the job, he also offered me a lot of tips on how to be successful in the position, based on his own experiences and insights. I really appreciate his help and would recommend Train & Get Hired for anyone looking to start their career!"

A. Nguyen
Fund Accountant - CIBC Mellon

"Train and get hired is the best place if you are struggling with finding your dream job in Canada. Thanh Quach is a great trainer, very knowledgeable to guild you through the program and help you find your perfect job. I've tried numerous job search agency but could not get any results for months until I found this program. I've successfully started my career with an amazing company because of this program"

K. Ta
Property Accountant - Canderel Group

"“Train & Get Hired is very helpful in assessing my personal needs as I had been not in the workforce for over 1 year. The personalized training program is very effective to equip me with communication and interview skills. Thanks for working with me throughout the challenging job hunting journey. I am very happy with the result.”"

S. Ye
Investment Policy Analyst - CI Financial

"Thanks for the dedication and beyond-expectation effort of Train & Get Hired’s team in training and supporting me. The service is personalized to fit well into my own situation and it was effective to help me achieve my full-time job."

B. Gao
Staff Accountant - KPMG

"The QuickStart Program is a great and personalized program, which provides detailed guidance on resume writing, job application and interview preparation. Thanks my training manager (Thanh Quach) for his hard work,professionalism and industry expertise. He provided me with a lot of valuable advises during the time. From this program, I learned so much and was able to improve my resume writing and interview skills. After several weeks of training, I got the offer from a great company and will start my career in Canada soon. If you are a international student or an new immigrant looking for a job, I highly recommend you to choose Train & Get Hired team."

T. Shen
Client Service Administrator - iA Financial Group

"It was a pleasure working with Thanh. As I was new to the country it was great how Thanh helped me understand where I was going wrong in my job search. His inputs in regards to preparing for interviews and making resumes were excellent. Also, he very approachable and easy to talk and was always available whenever I needed him."

Anup Ranjan Das
Operation Administrator - Mackenzie Investments

Your Job Hunting Doesn't Have To Be Painful

QuickStart gives you the only system you need to get your finance/accounting job as soon as possible.


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