So, your interview is cancelled?

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2020

Cancelled Interviews

A Master-degree student felt devastated today after her two interviews got cancelled last minutes.

She felt worthless

The given reason is too general without any further rescheduling

Sadly, these are the only 2 she had in past few months.

She has been job hunting for months and she had prepared carefully for these 2 interviews.

She put a lot of hope and faith into these two

I just advised her to MOVE ON

Don't even spend a second to upset about this event

There are many reasons that are not in her control when interviews are cancelled.

And they have nothing to do with her.

  • Maybe the company no longer needs that position
  • Maybe there is a change in budget
  • Maybe the hiring manager just leaves the company
  • Maybe it is the end of the year, people are busy and they delay to hire until early next year
  • Maybe... Maybe....

So it's just bad luck and don't take it as a rejection

Don't blame yourself for something you can't control

Instead, focus your energy and your time on things you can control that bring you new opportunities such as

  • Revising your resume
  • Going to the gym to energize yourself
  • Talk to people to learn more about the job
  • Practice your interview skills


Just move on and your opportunity will come. 

Get ready, because the opportunity will come for sure, the question is: Are you Ready when it comes?


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