Your English is the reason you can't get a job?

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2020

A Vietnamese international-student graduate wanted to quit her part time job at Tim Horton.

But she couldn't get her 1st accounting job for 4 months after graduation

Her English was weak

She couldn’t articulate her answers in an interview

Too many

Thus, no job offer

She was frustrated and unconfident

She concluded English was the main problem

I disagreed

She was only 50% right

The other 50% was the disorganized work experience in her head, they were all over the place

That’s why she didn’t know WHAT to say

Under pressure, even a domestic student couldn't come up with a good answer --- > English is NOT the only problem.

So we reflected her past work experience to identify her achievements

We then organized them into categories such as communication, problem-solving...etc

We created a nice “database” that was easy to retrieve to solve the "WHAT to say" problem.

We then worked hard to fix the pronunciation, eye contact, body language to solve the "HOW to say” problem

We practiced to fix the confidence issue

She failed a few interviews before receiving the job offer seeming impossible 4 months ago, from an investment firm.

She felt happy and relieved

So if you don’t pass an interview, reviewing “WHAT to say” before “HOW to say”

English IS NOT the reason you can't get a job.


Thank you for reading our #smallstory series. These are all true stories that we have experienced. Looking for a job is tough, we hope these stories will give you motivation and encouragement. Please DO NOT GIVE UP, you will make it!

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