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#interviewmindset Sep 01, 2020

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For those who are still looking for an entry level full-time job after graduation. You probably have gone to many interviews and still not get a job offer. You are so close and you might wonder what is wrong? What am I missing? Let me tell you right now what you are missing:

You are missing a sale mindset and you just focus on “passing the interview” instead of “How can I help the employer?”

Please always remember that every interview is a sale attempt and to make a sale, you need prove how you can help the employer. I'd like to share with you one secret that will help you pass your next interview:

"You are the Sale Representative of yourself in the interview, you are selling a product worth $40,000 and the product is YOU"

Everybody keeps talking about "selling" yourself at the interview but what does  it mean exactly? Let's break it down:

The product is YOU and you are worth $40,000 because that is likely your annual salary that the employer will pay you. I'd like to ask you to think of an interview in this way:

You are NOT going to a job interview, you are going to a sale meeting to CONVINCE people to pay you $40,000 dollars for a product (YOU).

Remember last time when you bought something, it can be a laptop, a cell phone, a hand bag, a lipstick...etc You bought it for a reason. The reason is it helps you to do something , achieve something such as the lipstick will make you look more beautiful. The potential employer also "buys" you for a reason, you can help them do a specific job. If you can't prove that, the employer won't buy from you, they will buy another candidate.

Now, recall your last interview and asking yourself these questions:

  • What did I say to convince them to pay me $40,000?  --- CommentYeah, did you realize that the interview mean you are ASKING them to pay you $40,000 or even more?
  • Did I differentiate myself from 10 other people who are trying to do the same thing? --- CommentYeah, you heard it right, you are not the only one there to sell your product.
  • Did I dress well enough so they can trust me with $40,000? --- Comment:Yeah, what should somebody wear so you can trust him/her enough to pay $40,000?
  • Did I clearly demonstrate my skills can help them solve their problems (the requirement of the job)?  --- CommentOR you just keep talking about yourself and your experience without really proving how you can help the employer?
  • If you were the employer, would you be willing to pay yourself $40,000 based on What & How you say things during the interview?

If the answer is NO, then you will have a lot of things to figure it out.

$40,000 is a big deal. What was the most expensive product you bought in your life so far? I guess it is well below $40,000. Before you buy something valuable such as a laptop or an iPhone, you will do research, read reviews, go to the store to try it out, make sure it is perfect, make sure it looks good on you, ask a lot of questions to the sale...etc

That's exactly what the potential employer will do when they are hiring. They make sure they buy the best product which can help them do certain tasks and it is your job, not their job, to prove that within 20-30 minute meeting (interview).

I guarantee when you think of an interview as a sale meeting in which you need to sell yourself - the product worth $40,000 or more, you will change  the amount of effort you put in to prepare for an interview and the way you behave during the interview.

And with the sale mindset, you will pass that interview with flying color and get your job offer.

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