How an Indian immigrant started his finance career in Canada?

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2020

An Indian immigrated to Canada and he wish to continue his finance career

He got rejected because "Do you have Canadian work experience?"

He used to work as an investment analyst in Europe.

The financial burden forced him accept an admin role at a collection call center.

There he met doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, all were immigrants.

Difference in culture, working style...etc gave him a hard time to prove that he could actually do the job in Canada.

We worked hard to bridge the gap

2-3 months without even 1 interview

Then he failed CFA level 2

Then, another immigrant was kind enough to refer us to an interview at a financial firm

Still no job offer

They questioned a drop in profile from investment analyst to admin assistant

Now, his team got downsized and he lost his job

He moved to another call center

Later, he got offered for an HR role

We didn't lose our laser-focus on our goal

He bravely rejected as he knew he wanted to be in finance

One day, an investment firm called him to interview for the same position that he failed 4 months ago

This time, he made it

He officially got back in the finance industry and start building his finance career in Canada

It took him 14 months

Just don't give up

Work hard and stick to your goal

That one day will come

The question is will you be ready when it comes?


P.S: "Do you have Canadian work experience?" is a common problem everybody is facing. Please click HERE for the solution.

Thank you for reading our #smallstory series. These are all true stories that we have experienced. Looking for a job is tough, we hope these stories will give you motivation and encouragement. Please DO NOT GIVE UP, you will make it!

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