Attitude Matters (Be Patient and Your Day Will Come)

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

A Chinese international student worked as an assistant of a financial advisor at a small firm.

He then had to stop working because his work permit expired.

His PR was in process

6-month passed and no result.

Facing with uncertainty and tremendous pressure

Going back to China is not an option


What to do now?

Could I get a job after this big gap?

What if my PR didn't get approved?

Fear, Self-doubt, Negativity began to grow...

This was what he did to kill the fear

  1. Study CFA Level 2 & 3, FRM Level 1 & 2, CSC
  2. Exercise everyday
  3. Meeting people to network
  4. Stay Positive

It took nearly 1.5 years for his PR to be approved

Now he could work

But he couldn't get any interview

After 2 months, we got the very 1st interview

It was a Service Clerk at a bank

He didn't make it

Now faith was the only thing we had

We kept grinding

Eventually, we got the 2nd interview with an investment fund for the Investment Analyst role.

After 3 rounds of interviews

He got the job offer

Later, he asked his boss why he was hired even though he had little experience

His boss said because we valued self-improvement and discipline

You showed your commitment by passing 3 levels of CFA and level 2 of FRM. Here we were all CFA or in progress

Lesson learned:

Attitude matters

Get Ready before asking for an opportunity

Your day will come! 

Don't give up

Keep working hard


Thank you for reading our #smallstory series. These are all true stories that we have experienced. Looking for a job is tough, we hope these stories will give you motivation and encouragement. Please DO NOT GIVE UP, you will make it!

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