Train & Get Hired

Train & Get Hired is a leader in career planning and personalized soft-skill training that helps empower fresh graduates get an entry-level job in finance/accounting to kick-start their professional career.

In the long run, we want to re-think and re-create the whole career management concept and the current career centre model at schools. As a lot of students are struggling with their 1st job, then "what to do next" after a few years in the industry, we'd love to solve this problem to provide a more standardized process into career management to maximize each person's potential and happiness when it comes to job and career.


My name is Thanh Quach and I am the founder of Train & Get Hired. 

I graduated from York University and I used to be an international student and I still remembered it was really tough to get a job here in Toronto for finance/accounting graduates.

I worked hard on my English problem and I had done hundreds of things such as networking at info sessions, talking to recruiters, a lot of rejections and failures…etc before I could get my 1st job. It was such a time-consuming and painful process. 

Thankfully, at the end of the day with some luck, I made it !

I started out as a Fund Accountant and later joined investment field as a Derivatives Analyst at CIBC Mellon in Toronto for 4 years.

Then I quit my job...

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Where Does Train & Get Hired Come From?

Good question, it came from an accident, "good" accident by the way.

When I was working at the bank, many friends asked me for help to get an entry level job in finance/accounting. I helped them on resume, interview, mindset and we worked very hard. Thus, some actually ended up with good job offers.

We were all proud of their achievement as a nice full-time job would open a new chapter of their life and help them with their immigration process. Personally, I felt happy.

So they told their friends and friends of friends of friends about me. Let me guess, you might think that I now quit my job and started Train & Get Hired? Nope, life is not as smooth as a movie on Netflix.

In 2017, I quit my stable and nice-paid corporate job at CIBC to found a tea-retailing startup. My startup got funded and I felt invincible for.....6 months before I closed my 1st startup and called it a failure. Why did I fail? That is another story at another time.

So the reality was I got no job and many bills to pay, see it is not as nice as what you see on a movie about creating a startup and being your own boss. I was down and didn't feel like doing anything.  

Now, remember those "friends of friends of friends" (FoFoF)? One of them saw me and dragged me to a Tim Horton coffee shop and said he needed a job and he heard I was the guy who did this...and that...and his friend got a job...I told him what happened to me and our conversation looked somewhat like this:

FoFoF: "Well, actually that is good, good"

Me: "What? Good? Are you $#@#@?"

FoFoF: "I mean it is good for me, so now I can hire you full time."

Me: "..." 

FoFoF: "Look, I need somebody to help me get a job, you know how to do it, let's help each other, I pay you a fair fee so you can keep going with your life for a while"

Ok, what he said made sense. I worked with him for 2 months and he ended up with a big 5 bank and I felt good and meaningful.

So I decided to go all-in and treated this opportunity more seriously. It was beginning of 2018 and my new journey began to create a step-by-step method that everyone can follow to get an entry-level job in finance/accounting. 

I didn't know how I should name my "thing", the things that I am doing, I train people and they get hired. So, that's where "Train & Get Hired" came from.

Fast forward to the end of 2019, I have been fortunate to work with hundreds of domestic & international students as well as new immigrants to help them get entry-level finance/accounting jobs and kick-start their professional career.

The "Step by Step Method" has became our current Job Accelerator Program that has helped hundreds of our students get a great finance/accounting entry-level job and kick-start their professional career.

Thank you for reading my story and if you are struggling with getting a job in finance/accounting, I just want to let you know that you don't have to do this on your own, Maybe I can help.